Thursday, 30 July 2009

Not again!

A convicted double murderer who killed an elderly Newhaven couple has launched a High Court claim for the right to have laser treatment to remove a "humiliating" birthmark from his face.

A judge said today the case of Dennis Harland Roberts raised important wider issues over whether prisoners are entitled to the same treatment on the NHS as the general public. (Not unless they are dying)

The court heard the delay in medical treatment had caused the 59-year-old Category A prisoner humiliation and led to depression. (Boo Hoo, I expect the family of the murdered couple probably felt a bit down as well)

The Prison Service had written a letter last July saying the number of escorts of prisoners to hospitals from Frankland Prison had risen dramatically and "operational requirements" had led to "non-urgent appointments" being delayed.

Today Adam Straw, appearing for Roberts, accused Justice Secretary Jack Straw of departing - "for no good reason" - from his policy of giving prisoners the same range and quality of healthcare services as the general public. (Except for the obvious reason that they are shits who don't deserve it)

Mr Straw also argued there had been a breach of Roberts' rights under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights not to be subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment, and his Article 8 right to protection of his private life. (That's the bit I was waiting for)

The judge agreed to adjourn today's hearing for two weeks after hearing that the Justice Secretary still needed more time to fully prepare his case.

He said it was "a disgraceful, lamentable state of affairs" that it had been necessary for Mr Straw's legal team to seek an adjournment without even a "remotely satisfactory excuse".

He ordered the Justice Secretary to pay legal costs on an indemnity basis - the highest level available - to "send a message" to the Government to "get its tackle in order" in future similar cases. (Which we will all be paying for)

Each day brings another story of how the HRA is being misapplied and we are paying for all of it

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Diversity and Adversity

A male was imprisoned for manslaughter after strangling his boyfriend. On his release he attempted to rape a female and was imprisoned for life. During the second term, he began changing his sex, - hormone induced breasts and beard removed (by electrolysis?).
Now he wants to be transferred to a women's prison. This isn't a joke. It is happening now and we are paying.

The prisoner says doctors have forbidden him from having a full sex change until he lives as a woman for a long period, which will be impossible in a male prison. As a result the killer has launched a legal fight to be transferred to a female prison.

The transsexual claims his current incarceration among men is a violation of his right to respect for his private life, as set down in Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. (I wondered when that would be brought up)

The Justice Department is having to use more TAXPAYER's money to point out that women prisoners are unlikely to welcome a pre-operative transsexual jailed for raping a woman. (Just in case anyone didn't think that already)

This the Human Rights Act in action. The 'claimant' is nearly always someone that either should not be here in the first place a prisoner or someone who would be in prison if there was any justice. The action is nearly always paid for by legal aid, which is another way of saying that the Govt pay for the claimant to take action against them.

Note to the next PM. Get rid of the Human Rights Act. It only ever helps the wrong people

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Cycling - good healthy fun...

This sounded like a good idea from Germany . Although it throws up some interesting points.

Telling your wife you going for a ride on the village bike, and meaning it

Cycling too far and too fast on the way there and being too knackered to get your money's worth

Explaining to the 'madame' that the red mark around your nether regions is only saddle rash not a social disease

After a long 'ride' being too tired to cycle home

Coming home hot and sweaty and telling the wife, 'I really enjoyed that ride'

Explaining to the wife that the red mark around your nether regions is only saddle rash, not lip stick

Telling the wife who has found a 'packet of three' in your pocket. 'I thought they were puncture repair patches'

Wife saying 'On your bike' and you thinking that's what got me in the s**t last time.....

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Sounds fair to me

If this outbreak of fairness is repeated it could put a stop to this . Well I think it is worth a try at least