Thursday, 27 May 2010

People Power

Residents on a housing estate took to the streets and dug a trench to stop travellers bringing their caravans into a nearby field.

A dozen police cars were called to the estate in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, where scores of residents had taken to a street to stop travellers entering the field. Something of this sort happened in Warwickshire last week.

Government take note, the people are fed up with illegal traveller sites and all that comes with them. Ignore it at your peril

Full story: -residents-stop-gipsy-invasion-

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Who said that Magistrates are out of touch?

A Magistrate is facing a disciplinary for calling two yobs in Court, scum

Austin Molloy told the 16-year-old louts what he thought of them as he sentenced the pair for vandalising a cathedral.

(And probably what most other right minded people thought as well)

Mr Molloy, 57, hit out after hearing the yobs daubed racist and sexual graffiti on prayer books and bent a valuable cross out of shape at Blackburn Cathedral, Lancs.

But court clerk Ms Christine Dean jumped up and told the JP, "It is totally inappropriate and unjust for you to use the term absolute scum in the Youth Court.

(Note the use of the word 'inappropriate', the left wing liberal catch all term)

Then the mum of one of the scum lodged a complaint, triggering a politically-correct inquiry that could land him in hot water.

(I bet she didn't do that all by herself)

The JP, sitting with two others in Blackburn youth court, told them: "Normal people would consider you absolute scum." The pair were fined and put under supervision orders.

HM Court Service will conduct the probe, meanwhile Mr Molloy was banned from sitting, but he defiantly insisted the yobs, who have records, "needed to be told off" and said the clerk over-reacted.

(Now, would the court clerk have been quite so 'offended' if these two scum had done the same thing in a Mosque? Thought so)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A new dawn

It looks as if the new Govt will be a Conservative - Liberal coalition. I 'm a bit worried about the liberal side of the partnership. If there is anything that this country does NOT need it is more political correctness and a further softening of attitudes and values.

I hope the DC and his cabinet colleagues can hold it all together without having to sell out..... and if he can't we get another election soon.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

X marks the spot

This General Election is important. This is our big chance to make things better.
Vote, but vote wisely.