Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Why do we pay too much for fuel?

I have just been to the garage and topped up my 'beast' with petrol. The fuel prices have risen.
Then I read this report in the Khaleej Times, Dubai's English language paper. ...

The price of diesel will rise by nine fils to Dh2.45 per litre in Dubai and Northern Emirates from Thursday.

Dh 2.45 converts to 43p. The Dodge truck in the picture belongs to the Rainbow Sheikh. Not sure what it does to the gallon but he should be able to afford 43p a litre. - And so could we.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Whodunnit - What wassit - Give us a clue

The only thing we can be sure of is that the person formerly known as Jon Venables is back in prison.

What we do not know is,

* His assumed name

* Where he has been living

* If he still represents a risk to children or to anyone else

* What he did that required him to be recalled

* If 'someone' has messed up by releasing him early or not supervising him properly

It has been hinted that a recall which might compromise his anonymity would not have gone ahead unless there were very strong reasons for it. This suggests that he was involved in something serious.

The Home Sec. said that the details would be made public, but M.o.J. Jack Straw does not appear to agree.

We the public rely on the Govt not to release murderers who still pose a risk to the public.

How can we be sure that this has not happened in this case.

How can we have confidence in a system that is not open and honest. Think, he could have been living in your street.........