Monday, 30 August 2010

In my country we.......

Bank Holiday Monday found me enjoying the sun in Brighton. I was the only one. Everyone else it seemed was there to cheer on the English National Alliance/English Defence League, or to boo them, or to make sure that the booing and cheering did not turn physical.

A young Chinese lady approached me and asked me what was happening. I told her it was a demonstration march. She wanted to know who was demonstrating and why.

I explained that the E.N.A. thought that their English culture was being destroyed and that they thought that immigrants were getting treated preferentially when it came to housing and benefits. I explained that whether this was actually true or not was immaterial. The important thing was that people believed it.

Then I remembered that any discussion on the subject of immigration results in cries of 'Racist'. The legacy of 13 years of Nulabor.

In the back of my mind I was thinking that any such demo in China would result in an immediate application of baton and summary arrest on the marchers, counter marchers or both.

I was waiting for her to say, 'In my country we.....'. But she didn't, she was too polite.


  1. "Thirty years on the street". What were you a hooker? Now piss off back to daubing swastikas on synagogues and masjids you Ras Clart.

  2. ...any discussion on the subject of immigration results in cries of 'Racist'.
    Thanks to Ron, the evidence is really piling up....

  3. You are correct in that it was a disaster to allow in mass immigration, but that alludes more to the Pshishi from Poland than what you may coyly refer to as "non white". Even plod themselves admit to be racist and the cornerstone of BNP/EDL membership.

  4. Ron Broxted has done you proud. ...The authentic voice of the caring Left, since 1789.

  5. Ron Broxted/Chris Ferguson/Ciaran Rehilla five six, fat twat and long term educational failure, and unemployed windbag. Yeah we hear your repetitious burble Rehill and fart in your fat frog face. Now run along and see if McDonalds have any vacancies there in Belfast,your benefits will stop when you are banged up.

  6. Racial purity? Ask P C James A Haslam, Kings Lynn Norfolk.